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eather's Journal

Hi I'm Heather.
I'm a male to female transexual, been crossed over for 12 years. Got struck off my treatment after critising the pyschiatrists for being too sexist and masogonistic in outlook on radio 4's program 'All in the Mind'. I tried to get a judicial review into the doctors behavour and had a four year battle with the medical professon. (unfortunately I didn't get anywhere). It is taking a long time to get treatment, which is very frustrating.
I'm bisexual and some call me a headonistic which I take as a complement (its probably apparent that I am also dyslexic).
After university I spent 5 years trying to change the world to make it a better place. Didn't succeed so have gone to Cambridge University to do a biochemistry PhD.
Asparations: To find curers for diseases. I made brilliant progress in understanding Hunttingtons Disease and its biochemical implications for many other neurological diseases. I got supported in my hypothesis by one of the most famous Nobel prize winning biochemists ever, Max Perutz. Unfortunately Camridge University is full of macogonistic, homophobic bigots and the thought that a transsexual could be more intelligent than them freaks them out. I now basically have to change research fields and so I am going into Cancer research. I DO-NOT experiment with animals. I work on bacteria and human cell lines.
Had recently a brilliant idea on cancer,
Despite a hard-life I am a generally happy, it must be the masasitic part of me.

can't use LJ much at the moment because of trouble with Cambridge University and the need to get on with work.